Appleseed develops entrepreneurial pathways for graduating students by partnering universities with coworking spaces.

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Appleseed aims to improve the level of key competencies and skills of emerging entrepreneurs and enhance the international dimension of their education and training.

Appleseed aims to do this by partnering international universities and coworking spaces to ‘plant the seed’ for new learning pathways in social and business entrepreneurship; specifically in the research, development, analysis and dissemination of an emerging entrepreneur certification.



  • increased awareness of the need for education for entrepreneurs;
  • increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
  • increased level of digital competence;
  • improved levels of skills for employability and new business creation (including social entrepreneurship);
  • increased capacity for professional development;
  • more active participation in society;


Participants of this project are 3-fold and complement the needs and resources of each other:

Freelancers & New Entrepreneurs

A highly mobile, college-educated work force, lacking business acumen and professional confidence. Often limited by volatile and unstable income.

Coworking Spaces

Fast-moving collaborative spaces which connections of freelancers and the self-employed to new enterprises both locally and internationally. In need of strong operational structures for holding events and educational training.


Connected to highly structured networks of education/research.  Struggling to remain relevant in providing efficient and timely pathways for exiting students into the world of work in strategic ways.



  • analysis of training needs
  • development of an online learning portal and social network
  • coordinating national and transnational events (barcamps, workshops, design charrettes)
  • co-creating formats for learning and knowledge transfer
  • producing multi-media interviews with emerging and experienced entrepreneurs
  • creating bi-annual ezines of ‘best learnings’
  • defining of a replicable learning model through ECTS Certification
  • collaborating with stakeholders throughout the project
  • monitoring and evaluating individual and network learning throughout the project



24 month project broken up in 6 month quarters to cover, Research, Development, Analysis and Dissemination using a Gannt chart, weekly video conferencing, transnational project meetings and a framework of inter-organizational network learning. Through the process of implementing the project, partners’ learning is an ongoing social accomplishment. By implementing this 2 year project, learning is not viewed as either individual or organisational, but is instead seen as a relational activity; a collective accomplishment residing in the networks of relationships between emerging entrepreneurs, coworking spaces, and universities.


All stakeholders for the project can stand to benefit from the implementation of this project:


Project Partners:

  • increased skills for developing complex international projects professionally and collaboratively
  • confidence in contextualizing work at an EU/international level
  • expansion of professional network


Coworking Spaces:

  • knowledge of resources offered by universities
  • knowledge of needs, trends and patterns of other coworking spaces
  • increased engagement with local and regional initiatives and universities



  • increased access to real world work opportunities for student placement
  • access to raw data on future workforce trends
  • deeper qualitative connection to local economies
  • access to flows of a highly mobile workforce for research
  • increased ability to offer appropriate entrepreneur education across regions


Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

  • increased visibility
  • confidence connecting nationally & internationally
  • Increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
  • Increased capacity of collaborating and networking;
  • Greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity;
  • Improved level of skills and web competences for new business creation;
  • Increased capacity and professionalism in analysing context and solving more complex, interlinked and fast-changing problems
  • Increased capacity to visualise a business idea and business model
  • Increased opportunities for each participant of professional development
  • Increased motivation to establish partnerships for projects at local, regional or international levels



Appleseed envisions a vibrant ecosystem of social, cultural and business entrepreneurs, that can confidently engage and develop new businesses within and across local and international boundaries in the EU. Strong partnerships between education systems, local governments and regional economies can and will exist, built and than fortified by policies enacted at the European and international levels.